Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog assignment #1: Cierra

According to Facebook, I have been friends with CIERRA MADILL since October 2010. According to real life it was more like December 31, 2010 when we spent the day together at Disneyland. We rang in the new year of 2011

Here is a disgusting photo as documented proof of that event. Please disregard how I have inappropriately labeled this as 12/31/2011 instead of 12/31/2010. What's that, you hadn't even noticed. Well I'm more observant than you I guess...

After that she began communicating with me via text message and other electronic means. Up to and including Skype. Heather told me she had a girl-crush on me. Cierra didn’t really know what that meant so she could neither confirm nor deny. She is kinda cool, she sings and plays the guitar and plays along with my jokes such as “Brenda” and she is a number one fan of Justin Bieber. Oh and perhaps most importantly of all… as I am sitting here writing this blog she is experiencing her 15th birthday!! Happy Birthday!! As I have told her she is half my age. Some people might thing that I may act closer to her age than my own at times. The main difference is that I don’t go to high school… And I don’t love Justin Bieber. Cierra is good for me in my life because she lets me teach her Spanish conjugation. Well she did until she dropped Spanish class. :*( But there is always next year to hope for. Also she’s a good time and also she responded to my blog. I must get this posted before the strike of midnight so that it will be a timely birthday post so I am about to go upload… until then here is something to keep with you and in your heart at all times:





usted, el/ella

usteds, ellos/as



Is anyone out there??

So I forgot I had this blog thing... I forgot for over two years. So if anyone wants me to write another post I will do it. But I'm taking requests. If anyone happens upon this page and requests a topic for me I will write about it. I must limit this award to the first 5 entries. (yeah right like 5 people will enter hahahahahahah) Thank you for your consideration.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Taggy McTaggerson

Ok Heather I'll do that taggy tag thing that you tagged me to do but I won' t tag anyone else in the process...

Rules; 1 Link the person who tagged you. 2 Mention the rules on your blog. 3 Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. 4 Tag 6 other bloggers by linking them.

(Just anyone who read's mine in particular has to do it on their own and then tell me about it on their own)

I hate the Mustelidae family. They never invite me to dinner. No kidding but only about the dinner part. I am being honest about the hate part. It is a classification of mammals including: Mink, Otter, Ferrett, Sable, Ermine, Wolverine, Badger, Weasel. Skunks were recently classified outside of the Mustelidae family but I still hate them anyway. Mongoose and Meerkats just missed the mark as well, I don't hate Meerkats because I do like the Discovery Channel's "Meerkat Manor" but anyway what I hate about these animals are their short legs/long bodies (creepy) long noses, carniverousity, nocturnal traits, and anal scent glands! yucky. Look how gross:

Sometimes I eat bullion cubes. Just by themselves. I lick them away I prefer the beef flavor, it has the red shiny wrapper

I have a hard time keeping my baby toenail on my toe. For some reason I end up ripping it off. I don't know why. There's always blood. Um.... I won't post a picture.

If I am too cold at night I will sneak a blow dryer under the covers to blow hot air and warm me up, even if it might be a fire hazard.

I have a fear of getting hit by bicycles. I think it's because it's happened to me before. But anytime I'm walking down the street or sidewalk and a bike get's too close I get really nervous and I start to move around. I feel like I'm moving out of the way but I am usually probably creating a bigger problem by stepping into the path they were going to take to miss hitting me. AGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I have sore on top of my head (under my hair) that may never heal. I think I've had it for years but it is impossible for me to stop scratching off the scab. GROSS oh well you asked.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Target and Ivan Pavlov

Ummm, so now that I am pretty sure that no one reads my blog anymore I am going to write something crazy and shocking. I have observed for the past 4 or so years, that every time I go to target I have to poo. (I'll just get it out there at the beginning) I will be walking down the aisles with my red cart looking at all the cute little items and usually it happens pretty suddenly I have to go! I usually end up leaving my cart right in the middle of the aisle and just bolting for the bathroom. Then once I am done and feeling better I go back to my cart and finish the rest of a pleasant shoppoing experience. It doesn't matter how frequently or infrequently I visit Target, it's every time. It doesn't happen at the mall, or the grocery store (pee is another story) or at Walmart or the bookstore, just at Target. I don't know why it happens, simply that it does. Tonight I went in and I DIDN'T use the facilities while I was there. Big mistake. It was almost VERY not pretty on the drive home. I learned my lesson. When the forces of Target are in action I must obey or there will be consequences. I wonder what experience in my past is triggering the intestinal contracting when I am over exposed to red shirts, khaki pants and bullseye logos..... hm.... just things to ponder.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Umm... so this isn't very nice but I am going to write it anyway...

My calling at church is "Break the fast co-chair" and I am in charge of feeding 80 PEOPLE a full meal once a month as well as a munch and mingle every 3rd Sunday and it is actually a lot more stressful of a calling then I really thought it would be before I was called. Actually, I lied, I never even gave it any thought in my life until I was called. Anyway The gigantic meal took place last Sunday and we were all ready to go with like 40 pounds of mashed potatoes and lots of stuffing, a ham, rolls, salad, all that kind of stuff and things went down rather smoothly. Anyway after it was all over it was time for clean up and luckily a few people stayed after to help. One of these people was my friend Derrick, who I would have enjoyed talking to during the clean up process but I could not because a guy named DUMPY was there and he was blabbing blabbing blabbing the whole time taking all of the conversation space and using it up for himself about boring dumb stuff. "Oh how many brothers do you have? That's right the one that is the track star and then the other one. And how many sisters? oh and do people in China have a lot of holidays? I got threatened by one of my students before... I used to be assistant manager of a Super Walmart... In Austrailia people have different accents... I have a racist leechy brother... blah blah blah" non stop from his mouth and I was getting so annoyed!! I decided to masque my irritation for him because, after all, he was helping clean up after the gigantic meal that I had basically spent all weekend preparing and worrying about. Finally when all the dishes were clean and all the tables put away, I was mopping the kitchen floor as the last thing to do and then DUMPY turns to me and says; "Thank you for staying after and helping us clean up!"


I was so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe it's dumb that I was mad, but why was this annoying guy thanking me as if it were his deal that we were cleaning up after?? Obviously he didn't realize that I was the person who was in charge of it and had cooked his very post-fasting dinner for him... but still it's not like he had anything to do with it either way, to go around being all annoying when I wanted to talk to Derrick but couldn't, and then thank the helpers as if it were him and his cause they were helping.

I know I will suffer in the after life for being upset about being "thanked" by someone and then making up a mean name for him and then writing a blog about it, but that is that.

Does anyone understand where I am coming from???

The End.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Years Old

So I really think that I am getting OLD because I have basically had 2 jobs at a time for most of my working life and I was always able to do it but now I am starting to get really tired/exhausted from it and that means I'm old. I am pretty sure that in my head, to myself I am about 19 and I pick 19 because my lifestyle today basically is the same now as it was when I was that age (just with less friends now ha ha!) and I don't feel like a "grown up" I realized this, for the hundredth time, when I was talking to one of my coworkers about an upcoming event that I am in charge of and I said "I don't think I would feel as stressed about it all if there was an adult in charge" ha ha HONESTLY I wasn't even trying to make a joke!! I stopped myself and had to remember that I am almost freaking 27 years old! What do you do when you're 27? Is that the age when you become a real adult? If not, when is it? I need some input here because that number seems big and complicated and I don't know if I can handle big and complicated. I can handle turning 20 -- in my head, that's what comes after 19 right? maybe towards the end of next year I can submit mission papers... I think it would be cool to turn into a crazy person instead of an adult, like Jessica, a lady I met in Argentina who was so so so so crazy and it makes me laugh every time I remember about her.
I know none of the above paragraph makes much sense, and the different sentences don't really connect or correspond with each other. That is because of my early-onset Alzheimer's Disease kicking in. I am getting OLD!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I was discouraged when only one person sent me a love potion recipe and well... that wasn't actually a recipe but oh well, I guess I will get back on the saddle and write another blog. This one is about restaurants. So I recently moved to Phoenix Arizona and don't have many friends or acquaintances yet (Heather, I know this is all important news to you) and since I moved here I have not once gone out to eat in a restaurant with anyone as a social experience. I was mentioning this to a friend of mine, we'll call him "SB" and he told me that he doesn't eat at restaurants!!! Basically that was the craziest thing I had ever heard in my life. How do you separate your friends from the rest of the people? I thought that the ones you went out to eat with were you friends and the rest were just people that were around. I don't even get it. Seriously I am a little tired right now and might not be stressing this fact enough, but it is the hardest thing for me to imagine. Like how it's hard for me to imagine that I lived in the days before the internet, and how I used to think that carrying a cell phone around with me was just an expensive burden and not a complete necessity. I don't even know what's important anymore. I don't even know what is real and what is not real. I don't even know who I am... and most importantly I really want to go out for sushi and I still have no one to go with!!!